I'm the owner and artist of Uncouth Barbarian. I’m based out of sunny Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio where I live with my wonderful wife and daughter, and our awesome cat.


 I'm a primarily traditional artist. My preffered tools are bottled ink used with dip pens and brushes, Micron ink pens, and gouache or acrylic paint.

I get asked a lot about what inspires me which is a frusturatingly hard question to answer becasue anything can potentially inspire me if I encounter it at the right time, but my go-to is generally both nature and metal music. Oh, and skulls. You can never go wrong with skulls!


As a husband, father and decent human being, recent attacks on reproductive rights disturb me deeply and make me so incredibly angry.

Unfortunately, as an individual it seems that there's not a whole lot I can do — marching and signing petitions and general support doesn't seem to be enough.

In July of 2022, I drew up my own version of the Gadsden "Don't tread on me" uterus snake for a charity auction and decided to make prints and stickers to sell at shows.

100% of the money from these prints and stickers gets donated to Planned Parenthood.

While my reach as an individual might be limited, the reach of a longstanding organization who actively fights for the reproductive rights of women and girls might have more of a shot at paving the way to remedy this situation.

Grab a Print or Sticker Here